The Challenge


Utranazz is a leading UK specialist in new and used concrete equipment. Based in Buckinghamshire, they supply machinery to customers worldwide including the Middle East, Australia and South America as well as locally. They are renowned in the industry for their ability to supply bespoke concrete equipment as well as their after-sales customer service and have exclusive rights to supply equipment from a number of well-known manufacturers.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Utranazz made most of its sales traditionally and often to repeat customers. They decided it was time to look at new sales channels and felt social media would be the next step in reaching potential customers. Before coming to Verto, Utranazz was struggling to find enough time to make their efforts worthwhile. With limited resources, they were only able to post minimal content across two social networks. With the aim of using social media to generate real conversions, Utranazz needed a long-term social media strategy that would work specific to their needs.

The Solution


Well-thought-out strategies are key to increasing following, engagement and conversions. Not only should businesses be posting great content, their profiles need to be optimised and they should be an active member of the community.

Utranazz had already gathered a small following on both LinkedIn and Facebook so our next step was to set-up a Twitter account. We ensured all three accounts followed brand guidelines and were recognisable by creating high-quality cover photos, a new social media logo and detailed bios.

We then focused on generating interest in Utranazz by creating enticing content that wasn’t just about sales. Sharing Utranazz’s monthly news articles, posting photographs and videos of out-going deliveries and joining in the conversation about popular topics such as bank holidays and sporting events meant followers began to see the fun side of this business.

As interest picked up, we were able to post more sales related posts including special offers and discounts for followers, which were found to be very successful, helping Utranazz to find leads and make conversions through their social media channels.

Over 300 extra website referrals every month
This big increase is a great indication that users are interested in the content being posted and are looking to find more information on the Utranazz website.
571% increase in organic monthly impressions
A larger number of organic impressions helps to raise brand awareness and encourages higher numbers of engagement.
156% increase in followers across all three platforms
As the profiles grow, more people are becoming aware of Utranazz on social media and their content has started to have a larger impact.

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