Prestige Homeseeker

Revitalise the look and feel of the brand while taking the user on a strong visual journey.

Prestige Homeseeker has built their brand around the sale of high-end holiday lodges and residential park homes. To coincide with this image, they needed to revitalise their website and offer a much smoother journey for the user. The website needed to reflect their high-quality lodges and park homes through the design, copywriting, imagery, and video.

As part of the redesign, Prestige Homeseeker sought to evolve their brand identity while avoiding any drastic changes. It was essential to retain the heritage of the original brand but simultaneously modernise the visual assets – a challenge Verto UK have helped clients overcome on many occasions. In addition, the website required a unique feel for both the trade and retail sides of the company, ensuring their range of target audiences felt catered for online.
Although the website consisted of both retail and trade areas, many of the pages were duplicated across the site, a potential issue for SEO. As part of our copywriting offering, we were able to produce content that specifically targeted both audience types while getting across the same information. Additionally, the retail audience included both young holiday makers and retirees, so the copy needed to be appropriate for both groups, while reflecting the high-end nature of the brand.
To ensure the website worked efficiently for Prestige Homeseeker, behind the scenes we integrated their CRM system with all website forms, creating or updating contacts where necessary. This has helped them to keep track of potential leads while also manage current customer enquiries. Additionally, the site features a trade login area that currently allows users to download technical content with phase two of the project underway to merge their existing estate agent website with their new one, bringing in a whole host of new features for trade customers.


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