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The Pilz Puwer project was and is a dream project for the SEO department at Verto. Being a completely new site, we had a rare chance to work on a totally fresh site with no history behind it that would really benefit from having SEO at the forefront of the design process through to development and onwards. It’s not often this opportunity arises and it was the perfect way to take all we do and all we’ve learned and apply it to an essentially blank canvas.

Throughout the development process we optimised the site to ensure it performed as soon as it went live, got indexed quickly and started ranking.  We then began an AdWords campaign targeting the priority pages with carefully planned Ad Groups in order to build brand exposure quickly and start to build traffic to the site.

This exposure and traffic soon translated into ranking positions and traffic being generated via both channels as well as directly.

We supplemented our AdWords campaign with targeted linkbuilding that is gradually building authority to the domain month by month in a natural and keyword rich way.

Just two months after the site went live, we got our first front page position for a main keyword (position 7) and have been focussing on pushing that keyword higher and bringing the other priority keywords onto the front page with it.

As well as this we’re continuously optimising the site to encourage conversions everywhere we can as after all that’s the true end goal of any digital marketing campaign.

When working on a brand new website, although it may seem daunting entering the marketplace from scratch, in many ways it’s the perfect way to ensure good performance straight off the block. A new site with no history doesn’t need to be at a disadvantage and with the right search marketing strategy it can get off to a good start.

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