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Clark-Drain is a longstanding UK firm that manufactures steel covers and gratings for pipes and manholes. Being one of the UKs leading manufacturers of manhole covers and gratings, Clark-Drain products are sold online via many distributors and through many channels.

Despite this, their own corporate website was lagging behind in the rankings for their main products. Although those products were still visible on distributor websites such as Wickes & Travis Perkins, the Clark-Drain website was lagging behind at the bottom of the second page for their main product keywords.

The aim with Clark-Drain was to increase visibility for the website for main keyword terms by increasing rankings. The other effect of this is an increase in traffic which then continues to increase the ranking positions as organic click through rate increases.

Since we have been doing SEO with Clark we have achieved a 44.80% increase in organic traffic YoY for the first months of 2015.

This rise in organic traffic is a direct result of the rankings for Clark’s main keywords, specifically “manhole covers”, rising into the middle of the first page rather than the bottom of the second one!

With a monthly average of 5,400 searches per month in the UK, ranking well for “manhole covers” has really helped Clark-Drain.

Of course, this isn’t the only keyword they are ranking for, but it is a main target one, there are also a lot of “long tail” keywords around this that they’re ranking well for too.

We’re currently working on converting that extra traffic by designing conversion focused calls to action for their main pages, including simple contact and enquiry forms which we can track the performance of via Google Analytics.

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