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All Your Doors are a well-known online retailer of Louvre Doors that worked with Verto over a period of 9 months with the aim of increasing their organic traffic and converting that traffic into tangible sales results.

We knew the only way to do this was to get their website ranking highly for their priority keywords in order to increase their share of the first page click through rate.

To do this, we first carried out on site optimisation to get the site up to scratch, including writing additional content for their priority pages and then started a course of linkbuilding in order to really push those main pages.

At the beginning of the campaign, the site wasn’t ranking well for a lot of its main terms and didn’t have any first page rankings at all. This was impacting on All Your Doors click through rate and resulted in a high level of AdWords expenditure in order to keep that front page visibility high.

Our secondary goal was to be able to reduce the AdWords spend as organic visibility increased over time. We managed to achieve this goal and have seen a 19% fall in paid advertising cost whilst increasing revenue by 11% across the board in the final 3 months of our campaign compared to the previous year.

We also achieved front page places for the six priority keywords and in the last three months of the campaign, saw revenue from organic traffic rising 80.1% on last year on a 16% increase in sessions in the same period that had come from our first page ranking position successes.

Our 9 month campaign with All Your Doors demonstrates that good results are possible, even if there are bigger competitors dominating the top half of the first page. With front page visibility and a well optimised site, you will see results.

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