Last week, the Verto team donned their brand-new company football kits, thanks to our MD, for a match against a team consisting of a blend of business members from the local area. The opposition were returning challengers after a previous game had resulted in a 1-1 score.

United by the game and their new kits, the Verto team enjoyed the chance to bring several internal departments together as well as the opportunity to socialise with members of local businesses. Despite taking 9 players with them, the match was 7-a-side due to overall attendance.

The game started with a lot of end-to-end movement, but it wasn’t long before the opposition had their first meeting with the back of the net.

After their first goal, the opposition dominated the field for the majority of the hour of play, resulting in a 4-0 advantage.

The Verto team tried their hardest to keep up and were able to conduct some incredibly lively play for the last twenty minutes of the match.

Catching the ball on a volley, the Verto boys finally scored towards the end of the match. Unfortunately, their burst of energy was not enough to catch up with the other team.

The final score was a 4-1 to the other team, but Verto is keen for a rematch to prove their skills and settle the scoreboard.

Do you fancy taking on the Verto team? We’re always keen for a match and to play against new challengers!