At the beginning of September, we began the #GreatVertoBakeOff: a competition taken very seriously in the office. Four rounds, four weeks, four of our employees. The aim: to be awarded the title of Star Baker.

We kick started the first round with Brownie Week. The contestants presented a range of different flavoured brownies, and the final scores were nail bitingly close. With one contestant relegated from the competition, three remained to fight it out.

Week 2 saw another baker crumble under the pressure of Cookie Week, with the criteria set to create a softly baked cookie. A golden-brown, melt-in-the-mouth delight and a chocolate orange specialty flew their way into the final round of the competition.

The final two contestants went head to head to impress the judges by baking the creamiest cupcakes to secure the title of Verto’s Star Baker. With four judges to please, scores were sure to be tight. The spiced cupcakes, with homemade ginger bread men just scraped the top marks over the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Our Star Baker had one more challenge to overcome. To ensure they fully deserved their new title, they were asked to create a showstopper. The team were presented with a baking masterpiece, oozing a chocolatey flavour.

We’d like to thank the participants who spent their weekends creating delectable delights for our hungry judges. Stayed tuned for the next one!