At Verto, we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious, and we strive to be as sustainable as possible, both in and out of the office. We encourage all our employees to behave in a way that benefits the environment, including our company-wide involvement in Plastic Free July, where we aimed to reduce our single-use plastic consumption across the business. Not only are we asking employees to make a change, but we have also made changes across the Verto office to help decrease our impact on the environment.

Solar panels

On the roof of Verto, we installed 32 375-watt Split Cell Technology Solar PV Panels. Our panels use split cell technology, so each cell is only half the size of regular solar panel cells. This provides much less resistance, meaning the cells can produce power at a much more efficient rate, improving their overall output. We use these to power most of our office energy, only needing extra energy in the darker months. Solar panels are a clean and green source of energy, that will provide huge savings over the course of their lifetime.

Renewable energy

For the extra energy that we cannot harness through our solar panels, such as in winter when more hours of the day are dark than light, and for gas, we ensure we only use energy from completely renewable energy sources. We are certified members of Ofgem regulated energy suppliers Bulb, who work to supply energy that is 100% renewable, and gas that is 100% carbon neutral. Our partnership has resulted in Verto lowering our carbon impact by 10,076kg of CO2 each year.

LED lighting

In our continued commitment to being more environmentally friendly, we recently upgraded our lighting systems to LED. LED lighting sees 80-90% of the energy used converted to light, compared to the average 20% seen in traditional bulbs, making them extremely efficient. LED lights are also free from harmful chemicals and materials, limiting the impact their manufacture has on the environment.

This lighting has greatly decreased the energy output at Verto, and the projected annual savings predicts a total of 11,112kWh saved per year, a huge 54%! Alongside this, the average projected saving of CO2 is 6.3 tonnes, which is equivalent to the CO2 emitted from charging 766,349 smartphones.


We are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and have implemented numerous policies within our office to encourage and promote eco-consciousness. For more information on our green policies and how we are helping the environment, get in touch on 01536 411153 or email us at Join us in helping to make a change.



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