Thinking about investing in social media marketing? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t delay any longer. Find out more here.

It’s a platform your customers use

3.5 billion people actively use social media, which is almost half of the population. This makes social media an incredibly valuable resource, as so many business audiences are using the platforms to connect, browse, interact and even shop. Therefore, investing in social media is a must!

Don’t forget that if your customers are on social media… so are your competitors! Which means it’s even more vital to gain some of the market share on these platforms, as you could be losing out on huge numbers of conversions. 

It's cost-effective for your business

In business, every second counts and every penny matters. You’ll want to maximise ROI based on the time, money and business resources spent on marketing. At a glance, social media is free and can be executed well without putting too much strain on your current resources – especially when first starting out. However, as your focus on social media marketing increases, it’s usually a good idea to invest time and money into the process via an internal team or through a social media agency. Luckily, since you don’t have to invest in the additional costs associated with offline marketing such as printing cost your money can stretch a little further. 

Understanding how your customers use social media enables you to tailor your approach to marketing to the precise time frame when they’re most likely to be online, with content they’re proven to engage with. Social media done right, therefore, is worth the investment for the long-term business gain.

It helps you stand out from the crowd

A benefit of social media marketing is that it helps improve visibility and increase recognition for your brand as a consequence. Your business’ social media profile presents new opportunities to share your content and showcase your brand’s voice and personality.

Posting eye-catching or witty content which provides value for your target audience makes your brand more accessible and familiar for new customers and existing customers. Making sure you’re using the right platforms for your target audience is essential for engaging with people more likely to convert. Using branded graphics, videos and imagery will ensure your brand is seen by thousands of potential customers across the web.

Marketing on social media leads to higher conversion rates

According to Social Media Today, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing tactics. This could be because each post and each interaction on social media is a new opportunity to convert an interested lead into a happy customer. Thanks to the huge number of social media users actively using a range of platforms, social media has the advantage of there being an audience there ready and waiting to consume your content.

By posting valuable content consistently and having interactions with your customers, your business can work to improve trust and credibility, which leads to higher conversion rates. There’s still plenty of work involved, but the results can be much more rewarding.

Social media helps SEO

Social media profiles will come up in SERPs when people search for you or your company’s name. This is a great way to build up an online presence, as the information you use to fill out your profiles, such as company name and business are can be indexed by Google, and it can have an impact on your local rankings.

Posts with high user engagement have higher visibility, traffic and inbound links. The more likes, retweets, and shares a post gets, the more it indicates that you provide value. This helps drive traffic to your website and it increases the brand awareness of your business. The more traffic your site gets, the more chance you’ll have in boosting search rankings.

Social shares will also help your content reach more of your target audience. So having meaningful interactions with people who find your content relevant and useful helps your brand gain credibility with your audience and leads to more authority links.

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