Mawsley U14's Football Team


"Watching a game is often more exhilarating than a world cup final!"

For the last 18 months, David our MD has been supporting the Mawsley Tornados U14’s football team by volunteering as a coach alongside Kevin Ayres, a financial director at Sloane Retail Solutions. Together they give the boys a chance to play the game they love, regardless of ability.

Verto also proudly sponsor the team and help keep their kit up-to-date by purchasing new shirts for them when needed.

Aside from coaching the aspiring players every Friday evening, he regularly gets involved in the team's activities such as Sunday league matches. Although the games are always a great laugh with everyone getting involved, there is nothing better than the taste of victory and a win will always send the players into a fit of excitement.

Watching a game is often more exhilarating than a world cup final!

Verto has taken the Mawsley Tornados team under its wing and often use the young players’ achievements to inspire our own game.

Best of luck to you all!

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