Raising money for Rainbows with the Verto team


"Verto is getting involved with the 5k bubble fun run taking place on the 23rd September."

Each year, the team get involved with charity work to help contribute to a local charity. This year, our chosen cause is especially close to our hearts as we are raising money for Rainbows, in support of our MD David’s niece, Charlotte.

Charlotte, who is only two years old, was diagnosed with severe mitochondrial disorder leading to profound disability including the risk of seizures. Unfortunately, this means Charlotte has very little potential for development and very limited quality of life. Charlotte’s sisters, Ellie and Rebecca, both have just one of the genes that cause the condition, and are still healthy children.

With little awareness of the outside world, it can often be unsettling for Charlotte. Sensory rooms are helpful, calming and allow the family to spend some quality-time together in a relaxed environment, that is where Rainbows comes in. Charlotte has been attending Rainbows hospice since April 2017, which has been a great help, but they rely on donations to keep everything going, so here at Verto we are getting our running shoes on. Rainbows is the only hospice for children and young people in the East Midlands, which is why they need all the support on offer.

Verto is getting involved with the 5k bubble fun run taking place on the 23rd September. We will be tackling foam canons and slippery ground to raise as much money as we can for this worthwhile cause. We will be keeping everyone updated on our website as well as our social media accounts, if you would like to donate in the meantime, please follow this link


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